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Minnesota Trapline Trapping Supplies, Hunting and Calling MB Traps

We inventory a number of traps and trapping supplies for a variety of purposes. Our traps and modified traps include:

Wolf traps, wolverine traps, marten traps, fisher traps, lynx traps, coyote traps, gray fox traps, red fox traps, badger traps, nutria traps, feral cat traps, muskrat traps, mink traps, raccoon traps, beaver traps, otter traps, bobcat traps, bear traps, weasel traps, skunk traps, gopher traps, woodchuck traps, chipmunk traps, squirrel traps, rabbit traps, mole traps, mouse traps and modified traps.

Please support your state, local, national, provincial, NTA, FTA trapping associations and organizations.

[National Trappers Association] Proud lifetime member of the
National Trappers Association
and the Minnesota Trappers Association.

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