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Minnesota Trapline Customer Testimonials

MTP/ Y'all there at Minnesota Trapline Products are just awesome! Thanks so much for the personal phone call and all you do....I have already received the products and they are as expected....Awesome.

Tim & Nancy/ Thanks again for your prompt service and shipping. I received my order after only 2 days, everything was correct as usual. Thanks again, I really appreciate your service.

Thanks Jeff for the email, it's so rare anymore to hear from a real person. This is why I do not even look at other suppliers, you guys are amazing.

MTP/ Thank you very much! Your excellent customer service is at the top of my long list of reasons you will always receive my business.

MTP/ I enjoy doing business with you. Your service is impeccable.
  -S.P. IN

Nancy/My order arrived Friday as promised, thank you for your personal attention and your willingness to go the extra mile to show that customer service really is important to your company.

MTP/ Thank you. My order was taken, prepared, shipped, and delivered flawlessly. I just want to say it meant a lot to me to open my package and see the invoice with a hand wqritten note thanking me for my business. that is truly professional! In today's age with technology taking the interpersonal communication out of doing business it made me smile. That shows genuine appreciation and you just earned a customer forever.
  -R.C. KY

MTP/ You guys are awesome! I ordered after 3 p.m. and you still shipped the same day. All our products will come from you guys, keep up the great work.

MTP/ A short "thank you" for the very quick shipping of my latest order. Plus I do want to say I really appreciate you changing the shipping so it went out with a $4 cheaper charge. I'll be adding this $4 into my next order.
&nbps; R.B. MI

MTP Gang/ Your service and pricing are over the top! I believe you have set the bar too high for your competitors.
  -R.W. MN

Cavens/ I received my order today and I'm thrilled with the way that things were handled! I find it a great pleasure doing business with your family!

MTP/ Thank you for all the hard work and preparation that's put into the quality of your products. You have by far the best prices on trapping supplies. I'll be sure to tell my friends to look at y'alls website for their trapping needs. God Bless.
  W.G. GA

Cavens/ I just can't tell you how happy I am with your products, they have performed flawlessly! Thanks from a lifetime customer.
  -D.M. MS

Cavens/ I wanted to thank you for my father. He made an order before Christmas for a fleshing beam and knife and he was very impressed with your quick shipping and the hand written thank you note. I have heard great things about yall and so I'm making my first order with you. Thank you for all you do for trappers.
  -R.S. LA

MTP/ Thank you for the recent great deal on the Edmont Wilson gauntlets. Your service was courteous and professional.
&nbps; B.E. PA

Tim/ Your MB-550-RC 4-coil traps are the best that I have ever used on coyotes and bobcats. They DON'T MISS! That is why I am ordering more so I can replace my other traps.
  -G.H. MO

Tim/ Your customer service is the abosolute best in the business as are your MB-750 traps. Your staff is always courteous and helpful even when my wife who knows nothing about trapping calls to place an order.

MTP Crew/ You guys are the best! Changing my orders for me at the last minute, not charging me when it was more and sending me change when it was less, that's service for sure! Top-notch service, dependability, and honesty, hard to find now days.
  -T.B. TX

MTP/ I have been a customer of yours for years and your service and products are second to none. Thank you.
  -M.L. KY

Jeff/ You adjusted my shipping charge and saved me money, that's why I deal with only the best!!

Erin/ Thank you very much for having the coloring contest. My boys had a great time coloring their raccoons.
  -M.P. PA

MTP/ I want to commend you and your company. I have Never had such great service from any one ever before. I won't be ordering from anyone else.

MTP/ You all are always first class to say nothing of extrememly helpful!

MTP/ Thank you for your always excellent service. It is a rare thing this day and age! You guys are the best for many trappers out west.
Nancy/ I am well pleased with your products. Your Hiawatha Valley Predator bait really works. I have been recommending it to everyone I talk to, it can't be beat.
  -A.O. AR

MTP/ I really enjoy doing business with you. When I order from a dealer in my own province, the order NEVER gets here as fast as yours from the states. Your hand written thank you notes are always a pleasure to read.
  -C.B. Canada

MTP/ I am very excited about my new traps and products. You guys are the best. When a trapper clicks on to your website they don't need to look any further for their trapping needs.
  -J.R. WV

Cavens/ I just wanted to thank you for the support that you offer to our troops. It means a lot to me as I was in the Army and have two lifelong friends that are still fighting.
  -M.Y. PA

MTP/ Just getting back into trapping so that I can teach my son and daughter. I have heard great things about your company...but mostly about the people!
  -D.P. MN

MTP/ I love your MB-550 coyote catching machines!
  -R.M. AR

MTP/ I saw in your catalog about the free shirts for the military. I'm a Master Sergeant in the Marine Corps and would be proud to wear your shirt. Thank you for your support of the military!
  -C.F. NC

MTP/ I like your fast service. Seems like I have my order on my doorstep before the ink is dry on the order form!
  -S.K. NY

MTP/ You are the best! You always have just what I need and get it to me when I need it.
  -A.W. ME

Tim/ I would like one of your T-Shirts that you give to the military please. I served in the U.S. Navy from '64-'68 and I'm a better person for it. Thank you for your support of the troops. You have a great catalog and your service is second to none.
  -R.B. IN

MTP/ My order arrived much quicker then I expected, you guys are great!

MTP/ When it comes to customer service you set the bar at a whole new level.
  -K.G. NC

MTP/ Enclosed is a picture of my 4th wolf of the season in one of your MB-750 Alaskan wolf traps with 3/8" offset jaws. He weighed 108 pounds.
  -M.W. AK

Tim/ Your Violator 7 is the best bobcat lure on the market. You are the best in the business and have a customer for life.

Tim/I just wanted to let you know that I caught 3 large raccoons so far with your new Bridger #155 (5X5's). All were held securely. I will use more of these traps for my coon boxes for now on.
  -G.N. MN

MTP/ I want to thank you for the breath of fresh air your company brings to a world only interested in the bottom line.
  -D.G. KY

MTP/ I received my order today and I must say that I have not had a better buying experience ever before.
  -D.H. AL

Jeff/ Thank you for all your help. All my orders have been on time and perfect. I'm a small time trapper but feel like one of the pros when I do business with you.
  -D.M. WA

Tim/ I have enclosed some photos of your MB-1216-JC in action. As you can see it made some great catches including a beaver caught even though I left one of the safeties on and another beaver caught by the tail. Another awesome trap from Minnesota Trapline Products!
  -R.J. TX

Tim/ I was trapping beaver off a logging site back in March. A tracked cutting machine and a logging skidder ran over a MB-750 set. Went back last week to look for it and found it! The trap is working fine and I am using it. Thank you for your top quality products.
  -J.D. NC

Tim/ I currently own about 3 dozen of your MB-750 Alaskan Wolf Traps and can say without question that they are the finest trap for the money that a person can buy. Thanks for a great American made product at a fair price!
  -C.W. AK

Tim/ I just wanted to tell you what an awesome trap the MB-550-RC is. This trap has met and exceeded my expectations. It performs very well under stressful conditions and I have not had one bad experience with them. They are an excellent live market trap. I own several dozen and plan to order several dozen more. Your Violator 7 is really putting the yotes here in South Carolina into a frenzy. They can't resist it. Thanks for your great products, a very, very satisfied customer.
  -S.C. SC

MTP/ Please find enclosed my order for another dozen MB-550-RC traps. I bought 2 dozen earlier and have caught 10 coyotes and haven't lost a one. A great trap!
  -J.R. NY

MTP/ The Fox Hollow Damn-A-Dam damn beaver lure on the market! Your MB other trap will do. Your MB chain staking system...the only way to go. Your Gusto lure...nothing outperforms it. Your Terminator Bait...I use it like a lure, best flat set scent on my line. Had a banner year here, thanks for all the great supplies and service.
  -D.A. WV

MTP/ Love dealing with you, you're always so friendly and polite. Good job to all.
  -J.R. PA

MTP/ My buddy and I are up to 87 weasels and having a ball doing it. We think we could give Nancy a run for her money!
  -K.H. WI

MTP/ I love those MB-550's, what a great all around trap. I just sold my other brands to buy more.
  -M.T. MI

Tim & Nancy/ I placed an order with you today and I couldn't believe how fast Erin processed my laundry list of items. The service that she provided was top notch. I like the family type business that you run. Our family has been in the flooring business for over 65 years so I can appreciate the hard work Tim, Nancy, and family put in to make it work all these years.
  -A.C. MI

MTP/ I tried your new Bridger traps for the 1st time this fall, pure excellence.
  -M.L. WI

MTP/ Please keep doing the great things that you do for Veterans and trappers. Thank you for the t-shirt.
  -J.C. NY

Cavens/ Thanks for keeping the small family run business attitude.
  -M.S. WI

Tim/ Your Gusto is amazing. I know there is no magic potion that will attract animals from hundreds of yards away but this is the closest thing that I have ever seen! We had a set that had laid dormant for weeks. We decided to apply Gusto and see what would happen. Next check a large male fisher and on the very next check another was waiting. Absolutely a incredible lure.
  -T.G. MI

Tim/ I love your MB-450 and have taken quite a few more fox this year due to it. The night latch, large pan, and great construction are perfect. I appreciate your hard work and commitment to the sport of trapping.
  -A.B. PA

MTP/ Your MB traps are truly second to none. I recently retired and am looking forward to getting back into trapping on a larger scale so will be buying more.
  -B.R. ND

MTP/ Your prices are the best and your people are very helpful.
  -A.L. TN

MTP/ Love your Hiawatha Valley and Terminator baits, they are keeping my traps full!
  -T.R. MN

MTP/ I'm very impressed on how fast you get trap tags printed and sent back!
  -D.W. ME

Tim/ Your Violator 7 sure nails the cats!
  -G.D. PA

Cavens/ Minnesota Trapline Products professionalism and personal attention to every order is a true credit to your business.

MTP/ I'm 86 years old and would recommend you to any trapper. Your serrated pelter knife is the best I have ever used.
  D.H. MD

Cavens/ Rob, 39 years trapping and I've never seen such genuis in simplicity as in the MB-550 and MB-450 traps...simply the best ever. Tim, I couldn't imagine going through a season without your Gusto! Erin, I really enjoy the catalog that you put together. Bless you all.
  -M.H. NY

MTP/ Thank you so much for being a great resource for all trappers. Your Mink Master lure works sweet up in the U.P.
  -A.B. MI

Tim/ Thank you for your great service and high quality products. We've only met a couple times at conventions but I consider you a good friend. L.D. MI (back at you Larry, you're a good man- Tim)

Tim/ I'm busy replacing all of my traps with your MB-550 and MB-650's. In my opinion they're the best traps I've held in my hands and my catches are supporting that. At the beginning of trapping season I was using another brand of bobcat lure and just couldn't connect. A friend gave me a 1 oz. bottle of your Feline Fix and said I had to try it. I caught 6 cats out of 8 sets with it. Thank you.
  -J.L. OK

MTP/ When I have a question about trapping or a product I can always call you and get an honest answer. Thank you.
  -M.V. MO

MTP/ Please find enclosed my order for some MB-550's. I attended the FTA Trapper College in Indiana and my instructor really liked the 550. I will buy more as I can afford them.
  -C.R. KY

Tim/ I have skinned over 175 coon with 1 of your serrated pelter knives and it's still going strong.
  -B.G. PA

MTP/ Other companies spout off about customer service, you just do it!
  -R.R. NY

Tim/ I've had very good luck with your Feline Fix on fox.
  -N.C. NY

Tim & Nancy/ You have more then earned my life long business.
  -A.M. MN

MTP/ I have ordered from your company on two seperate occasions. Both orders were promptly received and exactly what I ordered. The traps that I ordered were exactly as described and competitively priced. I would recommend your company to anyone.
  -K.S. TX

MTP/ Your color catalog is great! You will always be the #1 trapping supply business to me.
  -K.C. NY

Tim & Nancy/ Your outstanding service, quality products, and reasonable prices keep me coming back. Honesty and integrity are your Hallmarks.
  -K.F. MA

MTP/ You are the cadillac outfit, bar none.
  -M.S. MT

Rob/ As a toolmaker by trade, I recognize quality when I see it and your MB-550-RC is no exception. Absolute rock solid quality product.
  -T.S. PA

Cavens/ Always a pleasure doing business with you. Congratulations on buying the Bridger Trap Company. I only use two trap brands...Minnesota Brand & Bridger. God Bless.
  -M.Y. PA

MTP/ I won't even bother shopping around for a possible better price as you already earned my business with your obvious commitment to customer service.
  -G.G. MI

MTP/ Everyone that I talked to said you were the #1 company to order from. Having checked prices I found you were much cheaper and had better qualtiy equipment as well.
  -C.D. WI

Tim & Nancy/ Your company and your staff are very courteous and personal. I'm glad to see that there's still good people in this world. I am well pleased with the MB-550's I purchased.
  -J.R. WV

Tim & Nancy/ I have enclosed some pictures of my trapping season. This is the first season that I used your products exclusively and I'm confident that they played a major role in my success. You have made a believer out of me!
  -S.H. NY


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