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Minnesota Trapline Lure, Bait and Call Tips


One of the most frequent questions asked of us is which particular lures and baits we recommend. Some lures work better in certain parts of the country, this is fact not fiction. Even though I have my definite favorites when setting up a new line in Minnesota or any of the other states I trap in, I mix it up on the initial setting and quickly gravitate to those that are producing the best. I do the same with my predator sets, a mixture of dirt hole sets, flat sets, and post sets until I see what's clicking the best. I don't want all my eggs in one basket whether it is lures and baits or the type of set I'm using.

I have been fortunate enough to have trapped in 12 states in the past 40 years and I have noticed long term trends and this is the information that I want to pass on to you. I want to place in your hands a lure or bait that gives you the very best chance for success.

The following are my favorites and my suggestions based on real results over many years of trapping in several states. I am sure there are some very fine lures that I haven't used and so aren't on this list. If you are happy with what you are using, don't switch regardless what I say or write. This page is for those trappers that are in doubt or those that want to add another lure or two to their current favorites. I am in a rather unique position as I am a total trap supply dealer first and a Caven's Lure and Bait maker second. I use my own bait 99% of the time but on lures I use other brands 20 to 25% of the time. My catch is better for it and I enjoy using other lure makers products as these are often my friends. I must say that I enjoy my position as I don't have to "push" my own brand of lures to make a living. I wouldn't want to be in the position of only offering my brand (or any single brand) of lures to my customers. If you would like to order please follow the link below and that will bring your right to the page. Thank you!

Red Fox Lures
  1. Fox Hollow "Bounty Hunter"
  2. Caven "Minnesota Red"
  3. Milligan "Cat-Man-Do"
  4. June "Fox Frenzy"
  5. Caven "Violator 7"
  6. Fox Hollow "GH-II"
  7. Graham "Super Bonanza"
  8. Carman "Pro's Choice"
  9. Caven "Gusto"
  10. Fox Hollow "Voo-Doo"
Coyote & Wolf Lures
  1. Fox Hollow "GH-II"
  2. Caven "Yodel-Dog"
  3. Caven "Violator 7"
  4. June "Songdog Supreme"
  5. Miranda "High Plains Predator Call"
  6. Marsyada "#601 Coyote Lure Supreme"
  7. Caven "Gusto"
  8. Carman "Canine Call"
  9. O'Gorman "Plenty Coyotes"
  10. R&M "Coyote Creek"
Bobcat and Lynx Lures
  1. Caven "Violator 7"
  2. Fox Hollow "GH-II"
  3. Fox Hollow "Voo-Doo"
  4. Caven "Gusto"
  5. Caven "Feline Fix"
  6. Graham "Tom Cat"
  7. O'Gorman "Powder River Cat Call"
  8. Dobbins "Purrrfect"
  9. Milligan "Cat-Man-Do"
  10. Miranda "High Plains Predator Call"
Grey Fox Lures
  1. Fox Hollow "Bounty Hunter"
  2. Caven "Violator 7"
  3. Caven "Minnesota Grey"
  4. Dobbins "Purrrfect"
  5. Fox Hollow "Voo-Doo"
  6. Coon's Best "Plum Crazy"
  7. Caven "Minnesota Red"
  8. Fox Hollow "Ultra Fox Call"
  9. Night Owl "High Honors"
  10. Miranda "Farmland Fox 1"
Fisher & Marten Lures
  1. Caven "Gusto"
  2. Dave D'Aigle "Skunk Junk"
  3. Fox Hollow "GH-II"
  4. Caven "Violator 7"
  5. Cronk "Allagash Fur Call"
  6. Carman "Canine Call"
  7. Lenon "Fisher Super All Call"
  8. Graham "Bonanza Cold"
  9. Night Owl "Crossbones"
  10. R&M "#170"
Raccoon Lures
  1. Fox Hollow "Outlaw"
  2. Caven "Moonshine"
  3. Marsyada "204 Coon Special"
  4. Wildlife Research "Hardcore"
  5. Blackies Blend "Night Bandit"
  6. Night Owl "Plum Loco"
  7. Coon's Best "Coons Casket"
  8. Miranda "Ringtails Choice"
  9. D'Aigle "Muddy River"
  10. Lenon "Raccoon Super All Call"
Mink Lures
  1. Caven "Mink Master"
  2. Carman "Deep Creek"
  3. Lenon "Mink #2 Super Range All Call"
  4. Marsyada "#401 Mink Lure Supreme"
  5. Hawbaker " Mink #1"
  6. R&M "Mink Madness"
  7. Cronk "Musky Mink"
  8. Caven "Minnesota Special"
  9. Grawe "Mink #1"
  10. Miranda "Pocket Popper"
Beaver Lures
  1. "Sweetwater Flattail"
  2. Caven "Timber"
  3. D'Aigle "Flattail Gold"
  4. Dobbins "Backbreaker"
  5. Fox Hollow "Damn-A-Dam"
  6. Miranda "Jym River"
  7. Marsyada "#501"
  8. Fox Hollow "Pond Drainer"
  9. Cronk "Beaver #1"
  10. Caven "Bounty Beaver"
Muskrat Lures
  1. Lenon "Muskrat Super All Call"
  2. Caven "Bread & Butter"
  3. Carman "Hudson Seal"
  4. Fox Hollow "Boat Sinker"
  5. Miranda "Ruddertail"
  6. Hawbaker "Muskrat #1"
  7. Dobbins "Muskrat #1"
  8. Marsyada "#301 Muskrat Food Lure"
  9. D'Aigle "Muskrat Medley"
  10. Carman "MCL 100"
  11. Early Season (warm weather) "Predator Lures"
  12. Miranda "November Red"
  13. June "Canine Candy"
  14. Caven "Minnesota Special"
  15. PM Furs "Wolfers KB"
  16. Coon's Best "Plum Crazy"
Weasel Lures
  1. Lenon "Weasel Super All Call"
  2. Caven "Mink Master"
  3. Hawbaker "Weasel Lure"
  4. Cronk "Allagash Fur Call"
  5. Caven "Gusto"
Badger Lures
  1. Fox Hollow "Voo-Doo"
  2. Caven "Violator 7"
  3. Miranda "High Plains Predator Call"
  4. Carman "Canine Call"
  5. Milligan "Cat-Man-Do"
Otter Lures
  1. Lenon "Otter Super All Call"
  2. Caven "Otter Lure Supreme"
  3. Marsyada "#900 Otter Lure"
  4. Hawbaker "Otter Lure"
  5. Fox Hollow "Torpedo"
Post Set Lures (Coyotes, Bobcat, Fox)
  1. Caven "Yodel Dog"
  2. Lenon "Coyote #3 Natures Call"
  3. June "Smokey Post"
  4. Lenon "Bobcat #3 Natures Call"
  5. Fox Hollow "Coyote Gland Lure"
  6. Caven "Minnesota Red"
  7. "Beaver Castor"
  8. Winkler "SFE"
  9. Marsyada "#101 Red Fox Matrix"
  10. Miranda "High Plains Predator Call"
Fox, Coyote, and Bobcat Bait
  1. Caven "Hiawatha Valley"
  2. Caven "Minnesota Brand Predator Bait Plus"
  3. June "Widowmaker"
  4. O'Gorman "Powder River Paste Bait"
  5. Carman "Bushwacker"
  6. Caven "Just Mice"
  7. Milligan "Predatory"
  8. Kaatz "Sandhills Majik"
  9. Caven "Terminator"
  10. Caven "Bobcat Chunk Bait"
Raccoon Baits & Oils
  1. Marsyada "Shellfish Bait"
  2. Caven "Minnesota Brand Coon & Mink Bait"
  3. Caven "Terminator"
  4. Blackies Blend "Fur King"
  5. June "Ringtail Cocktail"
  6. Caven "Hiawatha Valley Predator Bait"
  7. Minnesota Brand "Shellfish Oil"
  8. D'Aigle "Shrimp Paste Bait"
  9. Minnesota Brand "Salmon Oil"
  10. Blackies Blend "Fatal Attraction"

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